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FMC International has always recognized the many varied needs of both our general cargo and large project clientele. We have developed an extremely flexible structure of multi-disciplined personnel, enabling us to provide expert advice and assistance on all aspects of International Freight Forwarding and Global Logistics for all your supply chain needs.

Mark Banfield

Mark Banfield signed on as the team leader at FMC in November 2010 after acquiring almost 20 years of international hands-on experience worldwide. Mark started in logistics in 1993. He joined a multinational firm right after graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1992.

Mark was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and started his logistics career working out of Nisku, Alberta, he then moved overseas, developing his knowledge by holding several key positions working for a multinational logistics company in their Oil & Energy division in Canada (Edmonton & Calgary), Congo (Pointe Noire), Nigeria (Lagos, Port Harcourt and Warri), Switzerland (Basel), Scotland (Aberdeen), United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Angola (Luanda).

Mark’s extensive practical working experience is an excellent asset to FMC International’s clientele looking for that locally available global know-how.

For any of your international freight forwarding and global logistics requirements please contact Mark at: mbanfield@fmc-international.com

Shoshana Assaraf

Shoshana leads the way with 25 years of extensive knowledge in the freight forwarding world.   Starting out with a multinational in 1992 in Montreal, QC, Canada, Shoshana entered into Alberta’s shipping market in March of 2003 and was quickly able to adapt her knowledge to the demanding and dynamic energy sector.  Excellent communication skills in English and French and a working knowledge of German gives our clientele an advantage.

Considering her job as a passion,  Shoshana enables our clients to benefit from “tips & tricks” of shipping to various countries worldwide ensuring smooth moves with little or no hassle.

Whether exporting a smaller airfreight package to Europe or shipping an entire drilling rig to Australia, South America or the UAE, Shoshana takes the time to go over packing lists, measuring up cargo to determine the best way to disassemble for shipping, working with engineers and procurement teams to ensure no last minute “hiccups” when given the green light to proceed.

Shoshana’s strong contacts from over the years, help give our clients the leading edge on shipping costs enabling them to be more competitive in their respective marketplace.

For further information on your shipping needs, please feel free to contact Shoshana at: sassaraf@fmc-international.com

Lori Levesque

Lori  joined us with over 23 years in the Logistics Industry.  She is a Certified Customs Specialist in Canada hailing from the Maritimes with her 2 sons and hubby to be, where she began her career with one of the top courier brokerage services.  She has worked with various Brokerage offices in Calgary, Alberta where her skillset continued to grow.  Lori was a member of the 2013 FITT Panel.  She obtained her CCS Designation for the USA in 2010 as well and has obtained her Professional Status with the Canada Border Revenue Agency in 2012.  Whether it is dealing with importation of  the Budweiser Clydesdale’s for the Calgary Stampede, the BC Olympic Housing, private and commercial aircrafts, oil rigs, service rigs, Louisiana crawfish and so much more, there is nothing that hasn’t crossed Lori’s path.

Simplified processes, cost savings, duty refunds, tariff classification & customer satisfaction are top of the list for Lori and she takes great pride in providing the quality service her customers have come to know.  With Lori on the team, FMC International can accommodate any importer/exporter with their customs clearance requirements.

For any of your Canadian and / or USA Customs Broker requirements, please contact Lori at: llevesque@fmc-international.com

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